Lucky Us | episode 04


Ganesha, Creativity + Jupiter. Let’s talk about good luck by diving into the origin story of Sri Ganesha (aka Ganapati) the elephant-headed, playful, well-loved representation of the divine in Yoga. He is known for bringing good luck and success. What are his blessings and how can his energy teach us about creative blocks? The masculine and the feminine?  Luck and Jupiter?


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Yogis invoke Ganapati when embarking on a journey, starting a new business or moving into a new home for a blessing. The simplest way would be saying the Ganesh Manra- OM SRI MAHA GANAPATAYE NAMAHA . But an additional resource would be a Ganesh Sloka. Here is a copy of the Ganesha Sloka, the Gajananum.  This image is my original from Yoga Teachers Training, circa 1987:


Gajananum Translation

I prostrate myself before the lotus feet-of Vigneshwara, the son of Uma, the cause of the destruction of sorrow, who is served by the host of Bhuta-Ganas, who has the face of an elephant, who part takes of the essence of the kapittha and jumbo fruit.

I always take refuge in Guha of six faces, who is a deep red color like Kukuma, Who is possessed of great knowledge, who has the divine peacock to ride on, who is the son of Rudra, and who is the leader of the array of gods. Maybe that goddess Saraswati, who wears a garland white like the Kuna flower or the moon or the snow, who is adorned with pure white clothes, whose hands are ornamented with the Vina and the gesture of blessings, who is seated in the white lotus, who is always worshiped by Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and other gods, who is the remover of all inertness and laziness, protect me.

Salutations to guru Siva who is the embodiment of existence knowledge bliss, in whom worldliness does not exist, who is ever peaceful salutations to Sivananda. I salute the three-eyed divine mother Narayani, who brings auspicious and who fulfills all the desires of the Devotee both spiritual and material.


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