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Astrology Mothership is here to empower and inspire YOU, Artist + Maker of Worlds by using the tools of astrology and creativity coaching. Feel the longing and absence of a creative practice no more!

Work with the planets + stars to plan the best time to do creative work-even with a busy life. Create personalized artistic strategies around celestial good timing for your own private projects, public workshops, and critical marketplace interactions. Become your own best creativity coach.

Creativity is essential to human happiness. To artists, writers, musicians, dancers, thespians and creators of expressions not yet known, the creative process can give personal meaning and remake lives. An intentional creative practice is the most potent internal transitional tool we have + Art uplifts our culture.


Hi! I’m Sasha 👋🏼 a Creativity Coach [based] in Pennsylvania. I support Artists + Makers in their studio practice. It’s time to hone your creative practice and birth a New Renaissance.


Products, services + opportunities for you


Digital Astrology + Numerology Calendar from Wise Skies Advice - this link takes you to their website>remember to use code :)

Personalized Artist Astrology Reading | outlining your best studio times and creativity cycle strategy.


Daily horoscopes for Artists + Makers



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